Now That You’ve Registered your Webkin

August 29, 2007 princessandherpets

Now that you’re registered, you can start to play. The first thing you’ll notice is that you have $2,000 to get started. You’ll also see a bar at the bottom right corner that says things to do, and a list of different places you can go will pop up and you just click where you want to go. A few examples of those places are your room, the W Shop, the arcade, and also the clubhouse, which is a place where everyone can go to rooms to talk and make new webkin friends. The W Shop is where you buy all of you’re food, clothes, and everything you need for your house. If you go to the arcade you play games, and when you play the games you earn more money. Also in the arcade you can spin the Wheel of WOW, and win money, and sometimes other things.

Then at the bottom left corner there will be a picture of your pet, and it will tell you how happy, healthy, and how hungry your webkin pet is.

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